Our Specialties

Our body and mind need our attention, but we often overlook the obvious signs of distress. It’s essential to understand the changes that occur in our minds. They reflect on our feelings which ultimately lead to behaviors. With Root to Recovery LLC, embark on a personalized therapeutic journey to look at life with a new perspective. We will provide you with the best therapeutic support while safeguarding your privacy and self-respect.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health is the foundation for emotions, resilience, and self-esteem. Our minds control how we perceive our surroundings, relationships, and communications. The mental wellbeing of an individual is an integral part of personal health. We can help you regain control of your life through different methods, including motivational interviewing, CBT, trauma-informed practices, and ACT therapy.

Postpartum Support

At Root to Recovery, we provide postpartum support to new mothers suffering from Postpartum depression. Our mission is to ensure that all new mothers get the support they need during this critical time. We understand that each mother’s journey is unique and requires a personalized approach.  Our team works to help new mothers develop a plan that best fits their needs, helps them cope with the unique challenges that come with parenting, and gives them hope for a brighter future. With our support, we strive to empower new mothers to take control of their own well-being and embrace their postpartum journey with courage, strength, and optimism.

Child/Teen Therapy

At Root to Recovery, we provide therapy to children and teenagers facing problems in school and social life. Our sessions are designed to help learn effective methods of managing emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Our program aims to empower their strengths and weaknesses and to foster healthy coping skills that will help them navigate the pressures and stresses of life. Our program also emphasizes the importance of communication and encourages children and teens to practice effective communication skills. Through this program, the child or teen will learn to express their needs and feelings better, build trusting relationships, and improve problem-solving skills.

Addiction Counseling

Suffering from any kind of addiction can feel inescapable and challenging.  Addiction, like many other illnesses, is the disease of the brain and takes time and commitment to heal. Our goal at Root to Recovery LLC is to enable individuals with personalized and effective therapeutic measures to help them become better versions of themselves. We will assess the severity of the addiction and determine if our services are appropriate. If we cannot support in the current stage of your recovery process, we will find a provider who is appropriate.


Are you concerned about your loved one’s addiction? Do you feel like you have no control and things are getting out of hand? You are not alone. An intervention encompasses the support of a skilled team to aid the family in helping their loved one seek treatment. Root to Recovery LLC uses a phase system to determine which intervention technique would be most appropriate for your family.

Family Therapy

Do you feel that your family is drifting away due to your incapability to share your feelings? Communication is key when it comes to strengthening relationships. Family therapy  utilizes a trained therapist to help families better communicate their concerns and find solutions to their conflict.


Individual Therapy

It’s okay to feel vulnerable and ask for help. You don’t have to be alone while facing the harsh realities of life. Through one-on-one therapy, our therapist can help overcome the hurdles you have been facing to achieve personal wellbeing. Individual therapy can become your tool to face challenging circumstances and boost your self-esteem.

Group Therapy

There is power in numbers. Group therapy is led by a trained clinician who structures the group around topics of likeminded individuals. It is a therapeutic practice that involves a group of people processing their life experiences while also receiving psychoeducation. We at Root to Recovery LLC aim to form a community that can spread mental health awareness among the masses. We believe sharing your life experiences can become a source of inspiration for others. With the use of group therapy, individuals can fight against the effects of depression, anxiety, and other mental health and substance abuse issues with the support of those around them. All group members must abide by confidentiality rules. What is said in group stays in group.

Telehealth Services

Get Services at Your Convenience

We at Root to Recovery LLC believe everyone deserves to get the best treatment. Telehealth services provide you a chance to become a part of the therapy sessions from the comfort of your home while using HIPPA compliant technology. Telehealth services enable you to overcome challenges and focus on your personal wellbeing without any hurdles.